Welcome to my website devoted to Dolores del Río, the first major Latina star in Hollywood, with a focus on my new novel, Miss del Río. The daughter of a wealthy banker, Dolores—known as Lola to her friends—fled her native Durango with her family during the Mexican Revolution. At sixteen, she married Jaime del Río and moved to Hollywood, where the director Edwin Carewe took her under his wing and featured her in his films. Almost overnight, Dolores del Río, Hollywood Star, was born. What follows is an exciting series of film triumphs interspersed with personal tragedy. Yet after every disappointment, Lola picked herself up and forged ahead. They called her la gata, “the cat,” because she always managed to land on her feet! On this site you will find interesting facts about Dolores del Río, events related to the book (readings, signings, presentations), purchase information, and more. Thank you for visiting.

SECOND PLACE WINNER, 2023 ScreenCraft Cinematic Novel Competition

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Miss del Rio